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Lockable ankle cuffs, black/black

SKU: PVC-1020
Sale price$44.00

Elevate your intimate experiences with the irresistible charm of our PVC ankle cuffs, because sometimes, the best adventures begin with a little more restraints. The lockable buckle adds a tantalizing edge, ensuring your adventures stay as secure as they are sensational. Unleash your imagination with the strategically placed D-rings, allowing you to effortlessly connect the cuffs, intertwine them with your hands, or explore a myriad of creative pairings with other accessories.

These cuffs not only embrace your ankles with a sleek aesthetic but also boast a resilient strength that defies the ordinary. Dive into a world of sensuality knowing that these cuffs are crafted from a robust material that stands up to even the most intense encounters.

XS - M: 17,8 cm - 26,7 cm (7 in - 10,5 in).
L - XXL: 21,6 cm - 31,8 cm (8,5 in - 12,5 in).

WIDTH: 50 mm (2 in)