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Lockable segufix collar and wrist cuffs set, light grey/chrome

SKU: PVC-1048
Sale price$63.00

Explore the world of dominance and submission with our minimal yet highly effective set. This collar and wrist cuffs ensemble, crafted from durable PVC material, features Segufix magnetic lock system. Elevate your intimate experiences with this sleek and straightforward set, allowing your imagination to take center stage.

All items in the set utilize the Segufix magnetic system, providing a straightforward and secure locking solution. To lock, just press the locking head; to unlock, use the magnetic key. It's that simple and user-friendly.

XS - M: 28,5 cm - 34,5 cm (11,25 in - 13,5 in).
L - XXL: 35 cm - 41,5 cm (13,75 in - 16,25 in).

Wrist cuffs:
XS - M: 12,7 cm - 19,5 cm (5 in - 7,5 in).
L - XXL: 19,5 cm - 24,2 cm (7,5 in - 9,5 in).

WIDTH: 60 мм (2 3/8 in)

MATERIAL: PVC, stainless steel