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Lockable segufix wrist cuffs, clear/chrome

Sale price$42.00

Segufix magnetic lock PVC wrist cuffs, designed for both single use and creative combinations with various accessories. Crafted from quality materials, we've chosen PVC for its user-friendly nature, remarkable strength, and striking aesthetic. Segufix magnetic lock provide a secure and stylish touch, the connection points offer versatility, allowing you to connect the cuffs to each other or integrate them with other accessories for a customised experience.

Embrace the ease and durability of PVC – a material that not only boasts strength but also a glossy finish that complements a range of outfits. Segufix magnetic system providing a straightforward and secure locking solution. To lock, just press the locking head; to unlock, use the magnetic key. It's that simple and user-friendly.

Connection strap not included.

XS - M: 12,7 cm - 19,5 cm (5 in - 7,5 in).
L - XXL: 19,5 cm - 24,2 cm (7,5 in - 9,5 in).

WIDTH: 60 ΠΌΠΌ (2 3/8 in)

MATERIAL: PVC, stainless steel